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March 25, 2024


A woman recently drove her Mercedes through the entirety of the Cobra Smoke Shop & Vape Store in Fullerton, California, eventually tearing through the back of the building like the Kool-Aid Man making a hasty exit.

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says "After which she was awarded a valid Florida driver’s license.")


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Cleanup on Aisle 3...

Just another example of my scientific principle, "Buying an expensive car does not magically render you proficient in driving." I usually observe this in Audi's, but I have side theories on Mercedes' and BMW's.

Just another Friday in Fullerton.

In my defense, my imaginary friend was driving.

Quite a ride, but still no cigar.

Remarkably little damage to the merchandise, considering the possibilities.

"Ramming Speed!"

Looks very deliberate to me. Also, the clerk is mellowness itself, as he doesn't move a muscle.

Or perhaps it was her homage to the classic "Let's take the cheese" scene in ANIMAL HOUSE.

Baby, you have ruined my car
Yes, you're gonna have a scar
Baby, if you hadn't drove my car
Maybe I'd love you

I told that girl I now I ain't got a car
She said, "Listen, babe, I got somethin' to say
You got no car and now Paul is dead
So I don't plan to ruin his car I'm lookin' ahead"
Like a Kool-Aid Man Making a Hasty Exit, I ain't dead.

Beep-beep, beep-beep, yeah

@Jeff, as many times as that video played, yes it did look deliberate.
Does anyone really get the reference to the Kool-Aid man? I mean, since Saturday morning cartoons died, I don't know many who would remember seeing those commercials.

Sounds like the whole place could go up in smoke.

apparently,she was not clear on the notion of drive thru.

Oh yeah!

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