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March 31, 2024


No, pork rinds are not healthier than vegetables, and there is no study that proves it

(Thanks to Allen at Division)

We're going out to the garden to pick some fresh porks.


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Where is the NSF when you really need them?

Cultural bias?

After several years of absence from the public eye, Babe has been found. Previously known as a 'Pig on a Mission' he captured the world's attention with his story about saving a farm and all the sheep. His answer to all this notoriety - "Bam, ram, ewe." which translated into English as ".... you."

Notice they don't say the the pork rinds are less healthier, either.

No one ever did a study on whether bacon is healthier than vegetables….then we’d have some replies…

Any dispute over Cheez-Its?

Thank you JG.

Juan Miguel Hernández Bonilla? Who the heck is he and what makes him an expert on Pork Rinds? Sheesh, some people will say anything to get views.

Pork is not a verb.

I am sure Babe would agree with this assertion. He suggests that you enjoy the taste of lamb chops instead.

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