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March 30, 2024

FOR ONLY $4,000

This Balenciaga Bracelet Looks Exactly Like A Roll Of Tape

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Signed by " R. Mutt "...?

With Harbor Freight coupon it’s only $9.

Most muggers and thieves probably won't notice if you wear a counterfeit, but among those with good taste, they'll likely pass on anyone wearing such a thing.

It figures this latest fashion accessory is from Paris.

Everyone knows the Frenchies are stuck up.

I would have thought that braceletes that look like handcuffs would be all the rage by now.

A throw back to the Nixon years when having tape was fashionable; Rosmary Woods wore one with an 18.5 minute gape in it.

wear that while carrying this:

Yet another triumph for those with more money than common sense.

Or, alternatively, here's a wacky idea. Go to Home Depot and buy a roll of clear tape to wear and save $4,000.

Before reading the story I thought it was about a variation of a Brazilian which I guess is an entirely different thing.

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