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March 31, 2024


Pluto is now Arizona's 'official planet'

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I am all for the official planet of DBBlog being Uranus. After all, it is the first planet that all the bloggers refer to to emphasis some important point in their posts. Can't say that the Blog discovered Uranus but it sure has done its part in bringing it to the forefront of attention to put that exclamation point on their message.

Recent flybys have revealed that Pluto is actually a group of five different objects revolving around each other in such a complicated pattern that their individual locations defy prediction.

And with that we can only hope that all state governments will refrain from any and all future probings of Uranus.

I personally think that Pluto is a planet and will doggedly pursue reclassifying it as such

And I thought it was the moon over Miami..

NASA & Florida's Official Deep Space Transmissions Tracker from Uranus...

Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris are all classified as "dwarf planets." If we let Pluto back in, we have to let the others in, too.

Arizona is being demoted to a territory.

California is so incensed it's started a petition to revoke Arizona's statehood and rename it "the arid zone of CA".

Will they move the state capital to there, along with all the politicians?

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