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March 25, 2024


Watch 200 waiters race in the streets of Paris, trays in hand

(Thanks to Ron T and Michael Parry)


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But can they do it on a train?

Wow, it's like the French version of NASCAR, so the crashes should be fantastic!

In response the German Government is urging it's citizens to eat more cabbage in preparation of any defensive action that may be required on their part.

So that's why service is so slow today along the boulevard.
Dang, my vichysoisse will be warm.

Would you, could you on a train?
Could you, would you in the rain?

200 French waiters run. Hundreds more French waiters are out back smoking a Gauloise.

Wyoming isn't real.

Jokic is a witch.

Lego strongarms the police.

200 waiters on the rampage.

Select the category on Jeopardy.

At the end of the race the entire flock of French waiters surrendered to the Germans.

To Ghost: "I'll try "Price Is Right Incontinence for $200".

I'm sure part of the race involved insulting tourists trying to order food.

I'll take catch the semen for $600, Alex.

Here's what Marcel Marceau has to say about this:


As translated by Pepe Le Pew:

Mr Marceau says "Zees ees Francaise's definition of fast food."

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