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March 27, 2024


Samuel Ross designs textured toilet that is "closer to a sculpture"

(Thanks to Roberto)

Prince Philip statue that looks nothing like him and cost £150,000 will be torn down

(Thanks to Allen at Division)

The toilet actually looks more like Prince Philip.


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I’ll make a statue that looks nothing like anyone and only charge £99,999.

That statue looks like the Muppets' Sam the Eagle

@MOTW, I can see that. Or Beaker.

It's almost like the statue of Cristiano Ronaldo & the statue of Lucille Ball had a baby.

Can't they combine the two and call it King Phillipe's throne?

The local avian population is outrageous with happiness - especially being able to relieve themselves on a Royal.

If only I had a textured, orange toilet to do my reading on.
That would be the perfect setting for relaxation, plus, if I were to be suddenly transported into the wilderness, say by a tornado or something, searchers looking for me would more easily see it and rescue me--or at least bring me another roll.

My grandmother (age 90) makes crocheted toilet seat lid covers. What an opportunity to finally make it big in her crochet community. I am sure she will get accused of using AI to create these things. The biggest complain she gets is that her artwork is too thick and the lid will not stay up on its own. She gets lots of letters about how to get the wee out of the yarn.

I am moved to haiku:

'Textured Toilet Turns Toosh To Terrible Trash.'

What? Did I spell toosh wrong? What do you mean it is not haiku? How about 'Terrible Tingly Trash'?

Can I get it with a bidet? I want to give a birthday present to Marcel Marceau. A little Joie de Vivre for the old guy. And I did not get a thank you card from him - he was so grateful.

When one monstrosity goes away, another arises to take its place. Either way, entropy wins.

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