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February 08, 2024


Moths actually aren’t drawn to light as previously thought, study finds

(Thanks to The Perts)


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There's nothing left to believe in.
However, we can still say, "Like politicians to a lobbyist."

MOTW, more like "to a big campaign contributor".

The spider that set up a web next to my porch light might want to dispute that.

Which explains why they're drawn to dark sweater closets.

We're not really bad, we're just drawn that way.

They're just afraid of the dark.

I'm drawn to terror.

Artificial light confuses nocturnal insects

Has a 'Powerful' 40 watt bulb causing mass confusion.

This is why the Beatles broke up. Confusion from light.

George, "let's go that way."

Ringo. "no, the light is bright and I'm confused."

Paul, "I'm dead."

John, "I' going to drive my own car. I have to pick up Yoko."

We should not make light of such serious research.

Weren't we told this had something to do with the full Moon and their reproductive cycles?

If they are members of the mothia, they are attracted to money.

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