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February 27, 2024


Wendy's to roll out Uber-style surge-pricing, with menu prices fluctuating based on demand

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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"Well, just give me what ever you've got that is unpopular, make it luke warm and a little dried out from the heat lamps. I haven't too much money to spend on lunch."

Makes my heart warm just to think of it.

Coca Cola actually invented a vending machine that could adjust the price of a coke to match the outdoor temperature.
On hot days they could charge more and v/v.
In a brilliant marketing move, they decided not deploy the machines.

I'm happy to help them resolve their overdemand problem.

When this system hits Chuck E.Cheese, blood will flow in the streets.

Rumor has it that Red Lobster will soon change its' marketing strategy from "all you can eat" to "all we can charge".

Surge pricing will result in a purge of customers.

When will Wendy's add "video gaming" to their restaurants?

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