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February 11, 2024


Viral Video Of "Best Toilet Gadget" Goes Viral, Internet Reacts

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Gadget aside: I do not understand the use of the preposition "in" when speaking about a toilet. To wit: "an expansive virtual reality screen experience that one can partake in while inside a toilet"
Pardon me: I sit ON a toilet that is located IN a bathroom or restroom, not the other way around.
That's all I had to say about that.

Is there a 20th century English translation?

Is this gonna prevent future TP shortages?

" the entire toilet walls morph into a colossal display, immersing him in an outdoor scene of mountains and hills. "

So you can pretend you're a bear in the woods...?

MOTW: "Toilet" is also used as a synonym of "bathroom" in the UK, Australia, etc.

@Ralph, thank you. It's similar to hearing them say someone went to hospital.
^ tosses "the" up there

"Viral Video Goes Viral?"

They'll have to come up with a good tag line. "Enjoy the GO". is already taken.

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