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February 02, 2024




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What kind of Mickey Mouse operation is this?

Dave Barry, left, stands next to Mickey Mouse

When does Dave Barry's copyright expire?

The terrifying 3,500-strong army of marauding MONKEYS is fast approaching, individual FL Drivers licenses in hand.

Thank god, I was afraid it was going to be a February Fool's Day Manilow-bomb.

It's a small world .. after all.

So that's how Dave got the comments working again.

Is this the replacement for judi?

Today is Groundhog Day, not Rat Day.

Time for some spectacles as Dave missed the mark in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania by about 1,000 miles.

Who's the leader of the Blog,
That's made for you and me!
D-A-V-E B-A-R-R-Y-Y-Y!!

Hey! there, Hi! there, Ho! there
You're as welcome as can be!
D-A-V-E B-A-R-R-Y-Y-Y!!

So when Dave is busy traveling, recreating, or otherwise predisposed, the comment section is turned off until he can monitor the content & edit when necessary.

When does Dave Barry enter public domain?

So politics DOES make for strange bedfellows.

Did Dave or Mickey see their shadow today?

How many more weeks of winter??

How many weeks before Disney loses their Reedy Creek Improvement District tax evasion monopoly???

So how much did Dave charge Mickey for the pic?


Just happy it's not Donald Duck and that they are both wearing pants.

Mickey needed somebody to talk to.

His wife Minnie is effing Goofy.

I recognize Mickey, but is that the long rumored eight dwarf called "Horny"?

As have said before in this Blog, this is just another sign of a stunning career in retrograde. Going from appearing at book signings to standing in front of cryptic direction signs, to standing in front of a giant plastic whale, to hugging a rat. I predict, as soon as the weather warms up, our hero will be appearing at the Dade County Fair demonstrating in mime (for benefit of the hard of hearing) his latest novel. So sad. I guess I will have to go and re-watch my complete DVD's of 'Dave's World' to see what he was like in his glory days. Before he became Barry Manilow.

I hate mousework.

We love you Dave! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

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