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February 22, 2024


Waitress gobsmacked after man leaves drugs as tip for outstanding service

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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We now need funding for research on whether a waitress can subsequently provide good service and be gobsmacked while getting high.

The link appears to be inoperable. Also, I can't open it.

@man tom: You know you're in a special kind of hell when "The Mirror" blocks you from accessing their site. I'm gobsmacked, and wishing they'd block me too.

Our website is temporarily unavailable in your location. We are working hard to get it back online.

They will pay for this small inconvenience.

Potcoin is here at last.

Now I bet all the waitresses are clamoring to work there because te tips are so high.

If she was gobsmacked, they must have been pretty good drugs.

In his defense, it's more difficult to figure out percentages when you're high.

Hopefully it wasn't all stems & leaves.

Watch the reader version and it will allow you to read it free.

I may have paid for barbecue at the late, lamented, Three Pigs in McLean in my sinful youth.

At least it wasn't a crappie with steel weights in its belly.

A new marketing scheme/take-off on a McDonald's theme - they are selling 'Happier Meals'.

Whew!! We were almost out of smacked gobs.

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