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February 03, 2024


Baby names at risk of going extinct in 2024

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Thank goodness my name isn't on the list.

For years, I have liked to look at names. The ones that get me are where the first and last name are either the same or very similar. It's like the hospital asks the parents what to enter on the birth certificate and the parents are just stupefied, like they've never thought of that until now. It doesn't matter the nationality. Names like Fernando Fernandez, Nguyen Nguyen, Marty Martin, David Davis. Then there are names like Justin Case. I once knew a Dusty Barnes who got married and then she was Dusty Walker. I was told by some that thinking names were funny was not politically correct and I could be perceived as insensitive or racist.

Thatsani (pronounced that's annie)
Urassaya (also prounounced that's annie)


Don't name your baby Taylor. There so many much more practical names like the small sample of the ones listed above.

MOTW - please read my reminder. Nguyen is a popular Vietnamese name, last name, pronounced 'Win' which means Hero. Taylor is an American name meaning 'I'm stupid'.

Are we sure that's the complete list?

"Mohammed, Sidney, Jugdish & Clayton."

"We've already met."

"Super! Then you;ll have lots to talk about."

When my sister (as a native of the borough) decided to name her daughter Brooklyn (20 years ago), my mother tried to convince her to change it to Brooke Lynn. She failed.

Some name are just easier to get into than others.

Some names are just naturally funny, like Stew Pidasoh.

The Name Game

Many years ago I met a man named "Elector Sparks".

@man tom - yes, we have a large Vietnamese population in our city. Notes sent home from school were in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. I remember having to explain to a co-worker that Nguyen is pronounced "win" and it was a common enough name, like Smith or Jones is to us Anglos.
Decades ago, I took my daughter to a weekend camp. When we were walking down the hall to find her dorm room, they had names posted on the doors. There were so many two-syllable names that ended in "ee": Courtney, Brittany, Bailey, Kaylee, Josie, Barbie .. ugh. The best advice I got on naming kids was to imagine them age 80 in a nursing home and their name being called at medication time. Made you think about the longevity of the name.

MOTW - discussing names when my daughter, our first child, was about to be born, mrs man tom suggested, Jasmine. Of course I said, "WTF are you talking about, Jasmine, have you lost your mind!"

So, I frantically suggested many names, Like, really I don't remember, but even Taylor was better than Jasmine. So I explained to mrs man tom names starting with the letter 'M' had a nice ring when pronounced along with my last name. We began thinking of names beginning with the letter 'M'. I thought back to a beautiful blond-haired blue eyed girlfriend I had one summer during high school. I remembered what an idiot I was to this day for letting her go. I found while searching through the Encyclopedia Britannica along with a Google search, just a few years ago she was on the board of a company her Dad had owned when I knew her. Her salary was 3 million dollars a year! Like I said, I am an idiot! Anyway, her name, beginning with the letter 'M', came to mind. I swear mrs man tom doesn't know this, but our daughter, Melissa, is named after a beautiful blue-eyed blonde girlfriend I had in high school one summer.

MOTW - If you follow what I said, the ensuing panic, which occurred when deciding on a name for my daughter, I wanted to let you know I had to think real hard to come up with a name for our son when he was born. At my suggestion, He's named Mason. After my barber who, not that it really matters, never met my blonde haired, blue-eyed high school girlfriend. I am still mad about her making 3 million dollars a year.

MOTW - Have I ever mentioned Roxanne Pigg, Rocky Pig? She was a looker. I am so thankful her name never occurred to me when thinking of names for my daughter.

"Ralph" went extinct way before 2024. It was 88th in the 1940's; it was #2103 in 2020. You can check a name here and see a graph.

I decided a long time ago I was stuck with it and it wasn't worth messing with.

Names are so 'goofy' in recent years.

Anthony Davis, Los Angeles Lakers - called 'AD'

Chris Paul number 3 - called 'CP3'

Jonathan Aho, hockey player - called A-Ho.

I revealed to mrs man tom just the other day I have never really liked my name. She was surprised. Better than the name my Dad wanted to give me - Layman Lavette. Thank god my mom was there to stop him.

I was thinking when my son's name was being planned if I had of thought of it, I could have named him after my uncle - Franklin Delano. Everyone called him 'Tater'.

Ralph - I saw you on Green Acres.

Notable names that authors intended for us not to like.
Scut Farkus - Jean Shepherd
"There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it." C.S. Lewis

Dave is a master at making up characters. And names - Philip Horkman and Jeffrey Peckerman, the two main characters in the novel by Dave, Lunatics. If you have never read Lunatics, you don't know what you are missing. It came out a while ago, but I can not think of any book I have read funnier than Lunatics. I read it over time sitting waiting in the waiting rooms of Dr. and Dentist offices while mrs man tom was busy seeing her Dr.'s. I loved the book.

I need another book Dave has written I can take to these appointments and read time spent in the waiting rooms. I did the same thing with Lessons From Lucy, Best. State. Ever and Book of bad Songs read again recently. If any of you can suggest something? Lunatics 2? Really, if you have not read Lunatics, it is absolutely killer.

I also read Swamp Story in the same manner and had nightmares dreaming about The Bortle Bros. Bait and Beer. Psycho-like.

@man Lavette ^^

“So Melissa, climb in
It’s a town full of losers
And I’m pulling out of here to win”

@Mad hatter - "Hey little girl, is your daddy home?
Did he go and leave you all alone? Mhmm
I got a bad desire
Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire"

"In the day we sweat it out on the streets of a runaway American dream
At night we ride through the mansions of glory
In suicide machines"

I had to go and explore my 'picture' folder when I thought back remembering these.

I rode around in my friend's car 'actual picture you see' in high school, then later both of us had a Harley we rode for all we were worth. I know you are asking, did we have limousines? Hell yes we had *Limousines.

*Previously owned.

Mad hatter - I forgot about this car. Same friend owned this car a few years ago. He died a little over a year ago. *He* was most assuredly Born to Run.

** - we are lucky to have survived all these years. Well, He is of course now in heaven with all those virgins you hear about. And a bottle of this.

Dave wrote a book titled, Lunatics. Read it.

Mad Hatter - I have had a few *literary works* published under my 'ghost' name. You may read some of my work.

** Landmarks.

Have scientists discovered if there is a link between given names and behavior that some may find to be presumptuous?

So we've heard, Boa-Boa.

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