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February 12, 2024


A self-proclaimed “time traveller” claims to have returned from the year 2671 to warn of us of pending disasters including one this weekend.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Did he bring a sports almanac?

He's certainly making a name for himself as a idiot.

Sounds legit.

Except...of all the years to choose from, would you really want to be stuck in 2024?

"....many large cities are in ruins, including San Francisco"

Too late!

To hell with his present day tik tok viewers, the idiots. No mention if the 'in the future' Mosquitos are as popular as ever.

A truly useful time traveler would come back with stock market tips.

A level 6 tornado "will hit Houston in Texas" .. thanks for reminding us where Houston is, pal.

Eno Alaric -->
El ocarina
Canola ire
Ocean liar
Alien orca

How much did he make betting on the KC Chiefs?

MOTW - Do something with this. Like you have nothing to do.

Ginger Grant.

Ginger is 90 years old. That's nine zero.

The only thing I can come up with is:

Pannathat Thongsu.

I'll get you started on this one:

Us Thong

That Pan Na

I took his x-rays earlier today and can't get his name out of mind. Also, monkeys. Got to look out for those gangs of monkeys.

If you can't trust the Mirror, who can you trust?

MOTW - haha.... I looked at the anagrams too, just in case.

I saw Alien Orca open for Hootie & The Blowfish.

"April 2: A 9.8 magnitude earthquake, called Big John, occurs on the San Andreas fault. Soon after this, a 750ft high tsunami hits the California coastline, many large cities are in ruins, including San Francisco."

Some Google research reveals that fault system cannot hold enough energy for a 9.8, and the nearby seabed is not deep enough to create a tsunami that high.

Mr. Time Traveler flunks physics.

Hey, what happened to global warming?

You never hear about psychics winning the lottery for the same reason you never see faith healers in hospitals.

You don't see faith healers in hospitals because they never get sick or because they can't get health insurance? Also a psychic who predicts you won't win the lottery is not gonna be that popular, even when they're right.

He doesn't seem to know the difference between a tornado and a hurricane. There's no such thing as an F6 tornado; that's the wrong storm scale. Plus, hurricanes top out at F5. And for that strong a hurricane to hit, it would need to be forming or already formed today, which it's not.

But...a true tornado story from Houston. It was New Year's Eve day of 1979 or 1980. A tornado touched down next to the Gulf Freeway and destroyed a massage parlor (Houston is the massage parlor capital of the world). But just to show nature is an equal-opportunity destroyer, it picked up, went over the freeway, leaving motorists alone, and touched down on the other side of the freeway, destroying a church.

In his defense, his time machine is not only running a fortnight slow, but it's still set on DST.

The next meeting on Time Travel will be held last Tuesday.

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