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February 11, 2024


An invasive alligator snapping turtle has been pulled from a Cumbrian tarn.

(Thanks to MOTW, who says "What in tarn-ation?")


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So a Cumbrian tarn was destroyed with a controlled demolition?

Alligator Snapping Turtles are not cute, which has undeservedly tarnished their reputation. They are much scarcer than they used to be due to humans.

I'm surprised it survived Cumbrian temperatures. They are on the IUCN list as a threatened species, and are endangered in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri.

Crumbria sounds like one of those made-up places. Like Belgium.

I like my Cumbrian tarns like I like my women.

Invasive and snapping.

My Dad caught many snapping turtles as well as a sea turtle who had swam up the Mississippi from the gulf and became entangled in his 300 ft. long 6 ft deep trammel net (much like this one). I fished that net many, many times with my dad. We caught catfish by the washtub full. Thinking back, I will never forget the day we were 'plunging' a small inlet along the banks of the Mississippi (with plungers to drive the fish into the net we had surrounded the cove with, then to my complete surprise, an invasive Cumbrian tarn snapping alligator turtle named Taylor became entangled in our net. Well, I am planning to watch the Super Bowl now. I'll probably fall asleep mid game then have nightmares dreaming about that hideous Cumbrian tarn snapping Alligator turtle named Taylor we released.

Alternate ending - I may listen to some Taylor James Taylor later. I should have revealed my Dad ate the Taylor, etc, etc. turtle.

Should have mentioned - I have caught dogfish with a cane pole. Named Taylor.

I can tell stories, this is the place your tell stories right, about my time spent here.

Not only was it full of Dogfish, there were mosquitoes as big as, you guessed it, Taylor the alligator turtle.

Important information regarding the Superbowl. Mrs man tom calls this event, she does it every time referring to the event, Superball. Spelled b-a-l-l.

You think you can handle her in a game of Ping Pong, "well do 'ya punk."

Also, word of mouth, 'that 'girl' has a lot of money." Probably referring to Taylor, etc., etc. Cumbrian tarn, etc. snapping Dogfish.

Does she mean The Superb Owl?

I think I saw one of those after my last B.M.

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