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February 27, 2024


New video shows next US Navy supercarrier USS John F. Kennedy catapulting heavy cars into a river to make sure the warship can handle planes

(Thanks to Matt Filar)

This would be an excellent way to deal with illegally parked vehicles.


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You wanted flying cars!!!

Unauthorised vehicles will be towed at the owners expense.
Towed and washed.

They should sell tickets to ride on the test cars as they go flying. Better than any waterpark on a cruise ship!

Maybe they are preparing to enter the Scottish Christmas Tree Throwing Contest now that the former (and poorer) winner has been outed and disgraced.

A completely unfair advantage for Navy recruiters!

Too bad they didn't use real cars. Most aren't heavy enough, but EVs would be. And think of the fireworks when those batteries hit the water.

So real guys would do this with Teslas. And it would help their tanking sales.

This would also work with squirrels and small children who tread on my lawn.

How many cars is this in asteroid measurement units?

Perfect for all the people who park in the handicapped spaces when they're not.


So the Navy is testing their GPS system?

This seems environmentally unwise, unless the vehicles they launch into the river are diesel pickups that the owners have rigged up to "roll coal."

On the plus side, they weren't open-topped Lincoln limos.

"It's not the thing you fling, it's the fling itself."
-Chris Stevens, Northern Exposure's KBHR Host

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