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February 05, 2024


Swansea Street Family Butcher slammed after announcing it buys goats from petting farm

(Thanks to Jim Perth)


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For shame, we should only eat animals not cute enough to pet

Isn't that why all that high priced massaged to tendernous Japanese beef is so pricey?

An alternative.

The farm girls can pet my meat anytime.

I missed the part where the petting farm was slammed for selling goats to a butcher.

Too old to pet?

That was really funny. Thanks for sharing, Jim.

That explains how The Beach Boys classic album “Pet Sounds” got its name and why it has goats on the cover. Well, not really.

Drinking goat's milk makes me feal like a kid.

[Stroking goat] Mmmmm...cabrito...[drool]

Some people advertise their wares just to get your goat.
Er .. yeah.

I saw "Aging Goats" open for the "Remainders".

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