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February 22, 2024


Coors Light truck crashes into Popeyes restaurant in Brooklyn

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Brooklyn's newsworthy fast food stories do not compare to our city's newsworthy fast food stories.

Here is just one random example.

Police say that when a Carl’s Jr. employee refused to give the 26-year-old free food, he left the store and returned, armed with a can of gasoline and a lighter.

“The suspect poured gasoline on the manager’s vehicle and set it on fire,” police said. “He then chased the manager with the gas can and lighter, attempting to pour it on him and set him on fire.”

...what alternative did He have?

Forget the crappy beer and Save the Chicken!

In an alternate universe, they all crashed into a catsup truck and a jug band.

"Why yes, I will have a beer with my Chicken, but not that Budlite stuff." What fast service. Most of the time, they don't even serve beer.

Popeyes now featuring beer battered chicken, wha-cha gonna do 'bout it?

On the plus side, luckily, the Coors Lite driver was able to avoid all the bialy joints.

The driver of the sedan and the patron in the restaurant who refused treatment were nonetheless glanced at by EMT’s on the scene and later each received a medical bill for $2,000 stating payment is due immediately and after 30 days unpaid will be referred for collection, Brooklyn-style.

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