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February 26, 2024


Is Toilet Paper Bad For The Climate?

(Thanks to Ron T)


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Whereas not using toilet paper is bad for the atmosphere.

You will own nothing, eat bugs, wipe with your hands and LIKE IT, comrade.

When did we discover that Uranus has a climate?

Probably the very reason the dog drags his butt on the carpet.

Possibly true but infinitely better than a world without toilet paper.

During the great TP Crisis of COVID, my sister had ordered a case of TP - enough for her household and her extended family .. my nephew reportedly begged for a few rolls after his wife stocked up on bamboo "renewable resource" TP and he couldn't take it.
And - true story - my son lost his job because the owner was at the age of retirement and decided COVID shut down was as good a time as any. When my son went to pick up his last check, it was in an envelope on his desk under a roll of toilet paper. His boss gifted that to everyone since there were such outages. Thoughtful bossman.

I solved this problem for me - I bought a whole truckload of old Dave Barry's books (paperback versions) from a used book store for five cents a pound. The owner said thanks for taking these off my hands - I have not sold a single one in years and I was going to throw them out.

So I put a stack of the old books next to the toilet and peel out a page when I need to clean up. Read a page - peel a page and flush. Some of that stuff was pretty funny. So far the stuff has gone down pretty well - the paper, not the stories. Glad to be able to recycle for a personal worthy cause. And doing my part for my planet and Uranus.

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