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February 06, 2024


New York cannabis farmers may have to throw away 250,000 pounds of product due to retail-store bottleneck

(Thanks to Buck Nekkid)


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Medical Marijuana

When I was in college, a truckers strike forced local watermelon farmers to drive into town & sell the melons at a discount to students. Just saying.

In other words, it's time to get plowed down on the farm.

In the 70s, the go to with the wacky tobaccy was a Boones Farm chaser.

What are those people smoking?

When you say 'throw away' what do you mean? Usually there is some waste disposal service that picks up such discards. Do you suppose that being a waste recycler would have its added benefits?

More Bizness Skool geniuses. They spend a million bucks creating their product without making sure there's a sales channel?

Send some down to S. Florida. No wait, not if it isn't cocaine.

We need scientists & boffins to determine if this excess material can be used in a meat smoker whereby the munchies provide the means for getting the munchies which sounds like it might be creating an addictive market or in effect a corporate types dream come true.

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