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February 04, 2024


Why Gorillas Have Tiny Testicles, and So Do Humans

(Thanks to Linda Schutjer)


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Proceed with caution, folks. I tried to visit that site and received this:
Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead
If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details.

That takes alot of balls, MOTW!

Not onlike the monkey who said "And there off!" as he backed into the fan, it also makes it more difficult to sit on them.

Do your balls hang low???

The article covers several decades of Rock band history. Like today Chimp Penis is a large as ever in Japan and is Gorilla Testicles still rolling out the hits Denmark? And Chimps Churnin' Out The Ejaculate, has Tommy Lee returned as the drummer? Army of Swimmers - how did they manage to stay together all these years? Chimpanzee Troops - is Taylor Swift still planning to leave Competition For fatherhood, join her Husband, guitarist extraordinaire with Chimps With Massive Testicles and put out a single with the newly formed Chimpanzees Sexual Machinery?

Wasn't "Tiny Testicles" a Don Ho single?

In a locker room of twenty or so guys I'm usually in the top 17 so I wouldn't say "tiny".
"Adam Sandler"

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