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February 07, 2024


Doctor discovers SEVERED 'SNAKE' HEAD in her bag of Giant Food frozen beans

(Thanks to Frank)


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Dear Dr Rachel Buckle-Rashid,
Throw the beans out the window and the next day, see if a beanstalk has grown. If so, climb it and you'll find Giant Food (and giant pretty much everything else).

It's so hard to know which generic or store brands you can actually trust to not have snake heads.

I love chopped snake heads & beans!

What I like is the article goes on to talk to experts about whether it's safe to eat the snake head, if it's venomous, etc.
Do you people own a garbage can?

Informative article. I always check my frozen food for armadillos, but now I will add snakes to my list.

"Italics Ed" strikes again!

In Australia that's known as a promotional gimmick. "Free snake head in EVERY bag (LIMITED TIME ONLY)"

That's a Pickerel Frog head or something similar, not a snake.

The pediatrician just flunked non-human anatomy.

This is never an item in the "Chopped" food baskets.

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