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February 20, 2024


Men and women's brains do work differently, scientists discover for first time

(Thanks to Mezrap and Al Barkafski, both of whom say "Duh," and Asher Scheiner, who says "Scientists discover fact known for thousands of years, probably because they never got any dates.")


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It's just physics, man.

This is probably, at best, an Ignobel prize.

Article with no paywall.

So men are gobsmacked while women are smackgobbed?

"DO work differently" or "do WORK differently"?

Hamster wheels show up on MRI's now...?

If a woman ran the study then I don't trust it.

Sugar and spice will make a brain work differently.

SMACKS! Clankie, Sylvester Imposter, and Burt

What's the fuss about?

But they all have popcorn for brains for using their phones too much.

Of course they’re different, one says can I and the other says after your financial statement…

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