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February 12, 2024


Unfortunately, this blog's strict ban on juvenile humor prohibits us from presenting the Meat Preparation Product of the Week So Far.

(Thanks to Andrew Simmons)

Update: For the same reason, we also cannot link to this item.

(Thanks to Buck Nekkid)


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On the plus side, it's not a fart joke.

"Amanda Sickafoose" also falls under the blog's juvenile humor ban.

Sorry, sir, but it looks like your meat needs more preparation, IYKWIM.

Takes me back to the picture I have in my mind when I learned Simone Lipschitz was present and sitting in a desk near the front of my 7th grade English class.

Makes sense that rubbing "Soft Coq" works best on chicken, unless it's already choked.

Also, if you notice a Centaur circling Uranus RUN.

Some people recommend putting a snake in your toilet bowl if you suffer from rings around Uranus.

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