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February 20, 2024


Incredible moment world’s largest SNAKE is discovered by TV crew with 26ft beast as thick as a car tyre filmed in water

This Northern Green Anaconda was found by TV wildlife presenter Professor Freek Vonk in remote Brazil.

(Thanks to Al Barkafski)

This blog has questions:

  • It's not in Australia?
  • "Freek Vonk?"
  • Why is "Freek Vonk" diving in what appears to be a dress shirt?


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Most of the crew was able to make it back to land.
The snake now identifies as a photojournalist because you are what you eat.

"Together with 14 other scientists from nine countries, we discovered that the largest snake species in the world."

Sounds Freeky and like it was pretty crowded down there.

Better background film music.

Much smaller snakes Freek Vonk me out.

Try to get that baby on a plane!

So the secret to getting a clear pic is to dive into the Loch with yur film crew!

The blog's requested answers. 1)In Australia they're called Southern Green Anacondas. 2)Freek Vonk is Portugese slang for "Fricken Dickhead". 3)The network requires strict adherence to their dress code on air.

Freek Vonk is the Dutch Steve Irwin! His first name is pronounced “frake”, not freak. Vonk is vonk!!!

Oh, I get it, because the Tyre would look thicker underwater. ??

Headline from "The Mirror" if they had run this article:

"Dressed for the occasion, Freek Vong gobsmacked by the size of Northern Green Anaconda that ate his film crew."

How big is that in peacock sized asteroids?

Must have been eating his own apples..

He's super freekie, yow.

Why would one film a car tyre underwater?

Next the search for the world's largest hoe.

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