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February 03, 2024


New dialect known as ‘Miami English’ appearing in Florida, linguists say

(Thanks to Mezrap)


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“I made the line to pay for groceries.”

Why do some of these translations remind me of Dave's Book of Bad Songs?

“Marco and I went to a bar and he invited me a beer.”

This is an inference, Miami English, "I later learned Marco did not have a penis."

Say what???

"We got down from the truck" is easily explained when you see all the lift kits, but "we got down in the car" is something else entirely.

New dialect known as, Southern CA Sandwich, was brought to us by a patient this morning.

*These are excellent, Asian sub sandwich, comes with cilantro, pickle and Jalapeno. Also a pre sealed pack of carrot sticks.

Taylor Swift, whomever she is, eat your heart out.

Many of you are probably wondering who the guy is in the previous sandwich picture. He a security guard who looks over our front office (current pic). He carries weapons of mass destruction. Portable.

Those sure are some cunning linguists.

“I made the line to pay for groceries.”

As opposed to NYC, where it would be "I got on line..."

Not in line.

Major cities have trouble with linear thinking.

Soon to be a sequel TV series starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas.

Acht-tongue... The Germans are overrunning Miami!

SoBe it.

Looks like everyone in Miami is going Delulu.

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