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February 10, 2024


A UK passenger grew alarmed after noticing pieces of tape on the exterior of a Boeing 787 during a flight to India, as seen in shocking photos.

(Thanks to EricY)


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Never use cheap duct tape.

Use only FAA approved superglue & self-adhesive bandages for overseas flights.

I was gobsmacked.

It's speed tape. As an aircraft mechanic, I've used it on aircraft including one that could go supersonic. I hated using it as it's hard to remove before doing the permanent fix.

Three of the best Boeing 787 mechanics that ever mechaniced.

Did he happen to see a gremlin out there?

THAT"S when I use Flex-tape.

In stead of the in-flight movie they hired a live stripper to entertain the passangers?

Seeing gaffer tape on a Boeing 787 wing during a flight is definitely alarming at first glance! The explanation that it's speed tape, approved by the FAA for temporary fixes, does put some concerns to rest. It's interesting to learn how such a simple material can be used in complex aircraft operations, although the sight might unsettle passengers unaware of its common use.

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