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February 23, 2024


Musical Instrument Banned For Causing Dizziness And Even Death

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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If not bagpipes, than the accordion should be right up there with the glass armonica.

Although I'm of Scottish extraction, there's a reason bagpipes were used for good effect in war. They scared the hell out of the enemy.

Although alive, the woman pictured looks to be driven insane somewhat shaken, but performing while on the verge of firmly standing upright facing near death.

" The armonica's complexity was reportedly overstimulating the brain..."

Not a problem with rap music.

Played by students of Dr. Phibes.

Well, I guess this expalins where Franklin's idea for Daylight Savings Time came from.

Sick and tired of eating roasted bald eagle for Thanksgiving? Hate getting up out of bed for work when the sun has already risen? You say you can't master the bagpipes or the accordion because you have sweaty hands? Then relieve all your frustrations because I've got the instrument for you!

That woman in the photo, Getty Images (unusual name, by the way), does look dizzy an possibly brain dead.

I don't see the need. Doesn't opera accomplish this already?

Thank heavens the accordion survives.

Any complaints from the RBR audiences?

“…lead from the glass bowls were being absorbed….” Is our students failing junior-high grammar, perchance?

Bagpipes also had the distinction of being able to be heard ten miles away.

No mention of the musical saw?

I must have one to accompany my theremin!

With the advent of the Marching band, the Glass Armonica, along with the spinet, fell into disuse.

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