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February 11, 2024


‘Shut the Hell Up!’ Top Golfers Lash Out at Fans as Notoriously Rowdy Tournament Goes Totally Off the Rails

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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Paging who else, this guy.

Finally, somebody found a way to make golf entertaining for the specatators.

Exactly! Alcohol is about the only way to watch golf.

Why do golfers need silence while they hit a stationary ball but baseball players hit a ball coming at them at 100MPH while thousands of fans insult them at the top of their lungs?

Full contact golf is the future.

Making snow angels in the bunkers? Must have been tequila.

I watched the tournament on TV. Great finish. I bet to get drunk off the vendors beer would cost $100. Jeesh...

You know, I've tried but it's hard to become a better man (even after watching Lasso) when people act like this. Tens of thousands of years of heredity kick in and our ancestors were not the ones who stood in line.

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