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February 20, 2024


Man modifies ride-on toy car to reach 92.24 mph

(Thanks to MOTW, who notes "Father's Day is coming.")


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You should live so long. Drive a toy car faster than a walking pace and you won't

Well, I had a '67 Kawasaki Samurai. which sounded like that.

Short story follows:

I took a spill. It hurt. I said *curse words.

*Not in German.

Bonus comment: We were promised flying rideable Tonka Trucks we would look very silly in.

The best part is you can avoid a lot of traffic jams by driving it in the bike lane.

Those nifty red shin guards ensure that when your feet accidentally touch the pavement going 90 miles an hour, your legs will only be amputated at the ankle. Or perhaps the knee. But at least not mid-calf.

Guess it’s faster than going to hell in a hand basket…

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