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February 01, 2024


Wild video shows brave 12-year-old swing huge snake ‘like a hammer thrower’ to save her pet guinea pig

(Thanks to Frank, EricY, Buck Nekkid and John Lobert)


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Didn't Hammersnake used to open for the Scorpions?

Do Not Mess With Them: Australian Edition.

Reminds me of routines on some celebrity exercise tapes from the 1980's.

A lot of Aussies visit Peru, so the snake probably heard cuy was good and wanted to try it.

Possible Olympic trial event?

With their double set of razor sharp teeth, a locking jaw and a poisonous barb extending from the tip of their tails, the Australian hamster can take care of itself.

I had to look up the name of her guinea pig, Maxibon. It is a Belgian brand of ice cream sandwich made by Froneri.

My advice is maybe next time don't name your snack-sized pet after an actual snack. I suggest 'Bruiser'.

MOTW - I would have looked it up just like you did, but we didn't have a lot of money when I was a kid.

Ok, I'll tell you the truth, but don't depend on it in the future. Sometimes I do a 'writer's embellishment'. Ok, I exaggerate, get over it.

I was a kid and my mom would go to the grocery store where the store had a promotion giving away a new addition to Funk and Wagnall's encyclopedia each week. She collected the entire set. My mom sat there for days, for years really, and read the encyclopedia over and over and over and over. The whole thing. Literally speaking, she was a walking encyclopedia. My mom was sweetheart.

I still have that damn encyclopedia set! mrs man tom asked recently if she could throw it away. No. I was so mad when she threw, unbeknownst to me, away some of my old picture frames from the 40's and 50's. They looked *old* she said. A few years ago I gave in to her and threw away my 19" Panasonic TV my parents gave me as a graduation from college gift my parents gave me. I can tell you this, when I die there is a special place reserved in the trash can for me.

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