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February 06, 2024


We're fourth?

This is more like it: Florida is No. 1 in the US for shark bites

(Thanks to Buck Nekkid)


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How does living in your own private Idaho rank?

Possibly related...

Well that's a shame!

The first four on the sin list make perfect sense. But how Tennessee and South Carolina got ahead of us, I don't know. A rigged election?

The Lord works in mysterious ways, praise Jesus.

Voting by paper ballots or online voting?

No, we are 9th. But first in shark bites

I notice that they type of shark in Miami-Dade county is bull, which seems appropriate.

I see Texas ranks No. 1 in "Lust". So it's not just me here.

"Them Dallas women standin' up
Beat the others lyin' down"

Willis Alan Ramsey, "Northeast Texas Women"

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