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February 05, 2024


Want to feel even older?

(Thanks to MOTW)


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It's not HOW you feel it's WHO you feel, but is this more SoBe English?

I'm not delulu. My mother had me tested.

Wasn't DeLuLu a TV production company back in the 60s?

I'm still trying to understand the proper use of the slang term "tubular."

Paging Norman Bates.

If you knew Delulu, like I know Delulu, oh, oh what a girl.

I went a little kooky after reading lots of Jung back in the day. So I guess I was a "Jungkook."

I must be more geezered than most. I never even heard this word until reading this.

@Rod They're just making things up to screw with us now.

Kookie, Kookie Lend Me Your Comb

Groovy. Far out. I can dig it.

"And your 15-year-old niece will almost certainly use it at the dinner table this Christmas."

Any phrase that is popular with 15 year old girls in early February will not be in use much past Lincoln's birthday..

Ooops, I didn't look at the date of the article. Maybe I was delulu. Still, if the phrase is in a print article on December 20th few 15 year old girls will still be using it on Christmas.

This is all cray-cray...

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