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February 07, 2024


Hello Dave
I appreciate you are busy and sorry for the numerous emails. I'm emailing again to


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The Nigerian princess wanting help will have to seek assistance elsewhere.

Sorry but I already renewed my vehicle warranty in person when I paid my phone bill.

... ask if you:

Wonder, wonder who, who-oo-ooh, who...
Who wrote the book of love?
Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Dave --

Sorry that our relationship ended the way it did. I was hoping that by now we could have resolved our differences and made up. I was also hoping that by now you would have won another Pulitzer Prize, sold a dozen NY Time's Best Sellers, returned as a world-renowned newspaper columnist, maybe be a famous rock star.

I am still wondering what led to my firing? Was it:

That I could not find a printer cartridge for your old dot-matrix printer that you refused to replace?

That I did not buy the coffee when you ran out? Recall, I don't drink coffee. And that was Walter's job as I remind you.

I only wish the best for you in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue. I still have the entire DVD collection of 'Dave's World' to remember you by. I am sorry that used bookstores are refusing to take your books anymore but tomorrow is another day. I will keep watching and waiting for you to rise again, like that bird, the ... I forget its name, sorry.

All the best,


Hey, Dave:

Sorry to get back to you (again), but I found this piece of paper in my stuff that I boxed up before I was escorted out the door. I found this scrap of paper that had a note about a phone called for you (sorry, but it is dated three years ago) from some doctor about a colonoscopy you had and the doctor said he found several polyps that looked cancerous and should likely be removed right away. He wanted you to call him back right away. It looks like Walter's handwriting on this note and I do not remember taking the call. So hope things work/worked out for you. Apologize for the delay but I just found this note in my stuff.


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