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February 05, 2024


‘Incredibly rare’ discovery reveals bedbugs came to Britain with the Romans

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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were they found in a single location, or was it a pair of cites...

Just another Roman delicacy like stuffed mice?

So you're saying they came ashore on the captain's dingy like the crabs did?

We always thought the Roman built Hadrian's wall to keep the Scots out of Britannia. You mean it was the Scots who built it to keep the bug-infested Romans out of Scotland?

"part of her research masters in archaeoentomology, the study of insects at archaeological sites."

I had no idea there was such a thing as archaeoentomology.

"Pliny, the Roman philosopher, wrote of the medicinal value of bedbugs in the treatment of certain ailments, such as ear infections."

Pliny was a moron.

Is that Pliney the Elder, or Pliny the Younger?

Isn't "pliney" the Latin word for "itchy"?

They should have left with the Romans.

Several institutions in the Chicago area have closed while being treated for bedbugs. Without outing at least one that didn't admit it, I won't be specific.

From my point of view, bedbug infestation could be considered a computer hardware bug

Rumor has it that's what got Jeff Epstein suicided.

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