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February 27, 2024


Vancouver restaurant closed temporarily after allowing guests to dance

Inside Toronto's growing dumpster diving network

(Thanks to The Perts)

Deer breaks into Ontario recreation center, dives into pool

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says "Deer are just large, agile squirrels.")


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So now those terrorist bastards have infiltrated the local givmint?

The occupants of the pool are now described as the "deerly departed".

Yet in Miami you can shoot your AKs off at midnight with impunity.

Have we taken steps to secure our northern border against all those fleeing the chaos and mayhem? Where is the so-called United Nations when you need them?

"What's for dinner, Hon?"

"I'll just pop out and hit the dumpster behind Piggly Wiggly and see what I can whip up. But no dancing while I am gone."

"Ok, but make sure the door to the pool is closed, don't want deer in the jacuzzi again."

Life in Alberta must be one of constant thrills and challenges.

Vancouver restaurant closed temporarily after allowing guests to dance

"I'll take 'Headlines You'll Never See In Flathead County' for $500, Ken."

There's a reason why you never see diving boards on dumpsters.

Paging Elaine Benes.

Not to worry, I've been thrown out for dancing from places a lot classier than that dump!

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