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February 05, 2024


Asteroid the size of eight Taylor Swifts to pass Earth Tuesday

(Thanks to Doug in Sacramento)


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or 1-1/2 Travis Kelces

In other words, the size of Lizzo.

Rumor has it Travis wanted to buy it to put on an engagement ring, but was dissappointed to find out it wasn't flawless.

Eight Taylor Swifts doesn't measure up to half the size of a single Taylor James Taylor.

Will she make it back in time for the Super Bowl?

Laid side-by-side?

Just so long as it isn't the size of eight Taylor Swift egos.

It will pass just over 5.3 million kilometers from earth. That’s, gimmie a second, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, Carry the 2…..far. Over 14 times the distance to the moon. That’s 1/10th the distance to mars. That’s 17 light seconds. That’s 10,000,000,000 Wilt Chamberlains standing on top of each other.

The main reason you couldn’t afford to see it, as Dave joked, is that you would need a camera costing 10s of thousands of dollars to take a picture of it and one costing millions to see it with your eyes.

@Jimpy - sometimes I think they use the same camera as the ones used to capture Big Foot and Nessie.

Here’s something you didn’t care about. The asteroid in question, 2024 BT3, was the 53rd asteroid discovered between January 16-31, 2024. I’d explain how I was able to figure that out from the designation, but it would probably melt your brain. Same thing for the 10 billion Chamberlains

On the plus side, 10B Chamberlains laid side-by-side OR end-to-end must be pretty close to the correct number.

Who you talkin' about?

That stilt don't wilt, Baby.

Any hard figures on the number of "Walters" equal to the size of the 'so far deprived of a gang tackle football sex orgy' Taylor?

Show your work.

*If I am offending anyone regarding my comment directed toward the so far deprived of a gang tackle football sex orgy person, so what. If you are a true Taylor fan, May I suggest you google 'Sweet Baby James'.

I'm guessing the Taylor-to-giraffe conversion factor is almost exactly 1:3.

Live Taylor cam. She is sitting on three eggs. Not pictured, Taylor.

I thought the plural form was "Taylors Swift."

How many Barry Manilows is that?

Live Taylor cam update. She is laying on three eggs. Not pictured, The eagle.

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