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February 20, 2024


A psychologist has warned against scrolling on your phone and ending up with 'popcorn brain'.

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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So giving a cell phone to a chicken is how they make popcorn chicken, but shrimp don't have thumbs so how does that happen?

And ultimately, if that's not working, nor cut-off timers either, Dr Glazer adds you can always try 'periodically deleting apps' if you really need to 'regain some control'.

Like all batches of popcorn I have ever popped, there are always those kernels that don't pop - old maids, I believe they are called. My whole brain is made up of un-popped old maids (the kind that wear 'foundation garments). And I don't even have one of those fancy phones. So you don't need a phone to have such a faculty - sort of like living and thinking like your grandma and all her sisters.

Wait, what was that article about?

BTW, I had a high school friend who often did a rousing rendition of 'I get outta' here'. He would wrap his arms around himself and flop around jerking back and forth sometimes stumbling shouting, "I gotta' get outta' here'. He had very long hair and could do a very serious Alice Cooper face in peril. Hilarious comes to mind when I remember back watching him doing this.

I think some end up not with popcorn brain, but no brain at all.

@Rod, I know what you mean.

Also, drying your hair in the microwave on the popcorn setting is not recommended.

@man Tom - I had a friend who would wrap his left arm behind his neck and pretend to throw himself out at the end of the night - but, too many door jams got in the way and he had to retire…

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