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February 21, 2024


Florida doctors pull 150 live parasites from man’s nose

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Thankfully, no photos.

Said the doctor: “I knew he was in big trouble, there was erosion that was occurring near the skull base in very close proximity to his eye and his brain.”

Had that occurred, he would have been renamed Abby Normal.

The patient enjoyed fishing and suspects the infestation may be related to handling dead fish, so never stick sushima in your nose?

If you knew sushimi, like I know sushima...

Unlike MOTW, I was hoping for pictures. Might have been more interesting that a bot fly infestation.

I bet if blogs.herald.com was on the job this never would have happened. "Are you a human?" "No, I am a parasite." "Do you have a snake in your pants?" "No, I am a parasite." "Sorry, no pass for you."

There is a link within the link with video, here.

Unfortunately the man has a cancerous brain tumor. Not good to say the least.

SNORK @cfjk "If you knew sushimi, like I know sushima"

The parasites crawl in and the parasites crawl out,
The parasites play pinochle on your snout.

Your stomach turns a slimy green,
And pus comes out like whipped cream.

So "blow" is not just an expression.

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