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February 28, 2024


Alligator attacks 2 people in a golf cart in southern Florida

(Thanks to Barry Nester)

Exactly what golf needs.


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How the alligator got into the golf cart we may never know.

This also would improve baseball.

So now the alligator qualifies for a Florida driver's license?

I can help you with your handicap.

Just because it's an alligator, a scene which should have never been cut from Cujo.

As it happened in Ave Maria, Florida, the alligator is probably a Lutheran.

As a matter of fact, I DO own the road!

Call in the swamp men and make some luggage.

Next time, everybody should just let the alligator play through

Probably just somebody's pet that was raised with dogs.

Papa needs a brand new belt. And shoes. Mama needs a new bag. Imagine having an alligator golf bag.

@Lucky Jack They climb in. I have seen them do it. I have never seen them drive one, but nothing would suprise me about Florida.

This is nothing new. EVERY golf course in Florida has a resident alligator. I recall one year in the invitational golf match on Key Biscayne, there were big signs posted not to let your dog run loose. Some entitled golfer did let their dog run loose, and a resident gator got it.

@Pullet Surprise I certainly wouldn't want to have an alligator golf bag, given that most golf courses in Florida have resident alligators. That's like wrapping a target around yourself in front of a bunch of hunters and saying "shoot me". You might be carrying your clubs in their cousin.

On the plus side, they eat the gophers.

Good try, buddy.

Alligators need food trucks too!

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