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February 12, 2024


Razor clams, geoducks battle to be WA’s top clam

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Ewwww. However, there is an amusing episode of Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs harvesting and then cooking the nasty things.

I may reside here, but I will have nothing to do with WA's top clam. :P

O'er the clam parts...

If your looking for nice clams the beach is always a good place to start.

A long time ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was in grade school we were forced to read some story about a kid in Puget Sound that involved capturing and consuming geoduck clams. The teacher was so enamored of this story and the clams that she made us learn how to properly pronounce geoduck and made sure we viewed many photos of the creatures. Not much to look at. She even threatened to have some sent to the Midwest so we could know what it’s like to eat them. Luckily she never was able to deliver on that threat. I can’t remember anything else about the story or that year of school, but I can still identify a geoduck in a photo. Otherwise I don’t want to get too close. As I recall, there was no mention of razor clams in the story.

When I was in Seattle, a seafood shop had a cartoon that showed an angry woman by the geoduck display and the employee is telling his boss, "She says she's not leaving until we tell her what we did with the rest of the horse."

This dispute will reach the Supreme Court, eventually.

How can they neglect the Bearded Clam?

Am I the only one left feeling clammy after reading this?

real clams or one produced by cigarette smoking?

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