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February 20, 2024


Human leg found abandoned on New York Subway track

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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On the pus side, it's not like they found a whole box full of them.

Better notify the folks on the northwest coast since they're always finding sneakers with severed feet.

Hello? Is anybody missing something?

Did they check Ebay to see if the other one might be available?

So one leg of the trip was lost - how do the riders get to where they wanted to go? Can I get my money back?

We'll drink to our legs!

Was the leg wearing a stocking and was there a lampshade nearby?

I tear up when I hear Tony Bennett sing, 'I left my leg in New York city'.

Deep in the Subway, it calls to me
To be where the subway cars climb halfway to the stairs

When I come home to you, New York City
My severed leg will wait for me

In order to calm the public the subway cops released a statement saying the investigation is on track.

I really need to get a leg up here.

So I said to my one-legged girlfriend, "Peg".

He had a booger on his finger and couldn’t get it off…

I declare, people would lose their heads if they weren't attached.


PirateBoy, if your girlfriend is who I think she is "Peg" is a nickname. Her given name is Eileen.

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