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February 12, 2024


An upcoming Korean Netflix drama explores what happens when your daughter is turned into a chicken nugget

(Thanks to Ralph)


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What do you get someone's chicken nugget daughter for Valentine's Day?

Dakgangjeongan, an epic tale about, huh. A fascinating journey filled with countless scenes expressing scorn, anger, disbelief, surprise, or amusement. Huh.

Coming soon to a McDonald's near you.

I just made up the last part about McDonalds.

Book tour. Huh.

Kim Jong Un eats her?

North Korea has Netflix AND soylent green?

One suspects we are nearing some sort of fault line in the supply of available story plot lines.

Obviously someone got a hold of a bad translation of Kafka's The Metamorphosis.

Will the sequelbe based on the McRib sandwich?

Thanks for sharing this concern with us, I was actually looking for same !!!

Will it be real chicken or tofu?….

Should be enough plot points to get at least ine season Netflix out of it

The worst part is having to choose between the Hamburglar and Mayor McCheese.

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