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January 25, 2024


A motorist removed a barricade and road closure sign from a road shut by a landslide before driving “directly” into a large hole in the roadway, Tillamook County sheriff’s officials said in a news release.

(Thanks to MOTW, Barry Nester, Robert Moats and EricY) 


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I like how they waited a couple hours before calling the vehicle in as 'stolen.'
About 25 years ago when Mr. MOTW and I were in college, we were renting a house that was at the corner of 3 downhill brick-lined streets. The city used the streets for storm water runoff. It didn't take much rain for that intersection to have 6-inches of water or more. We would constantly see people stop their vehicle, get out, walk over to remove the barricade and warning signs about high water, then get back into their vehicle and drive through.
When I was home and saw cars getting into trouble, I would call 911 and give the police our location so they could send someone to assist.
There was one woman in a Taurus who came down the street doing about 30 mph and when she hit that intersection, there was an almighty ka-WOOSH as the water was jettisoned over her hood and car. We saw the car bobbing along and her headlights were fading as she was trying to restart her car. As she floated past our dining room. I'm like, honey, it's not just the engine that is flooded, it's your WHOLE DANG CAR!

I bet this wouldn't happen if they'd use Jersey barriers instead of sawhorses.

@MOTW, I see that at least once a year right in front of my home. The road and side street apparently are a little low-lying, and after a heavy rain they can have several inches of standing water because the drainage ditches can't empty. (Also the water level creeps 2/3 of the way up the yard toward the house, which is always a little concerning.) There are always at least a few cars that drive around the barricades, and always at least one that floods out and dies halfway across. No 40-mph ka-WOOSHes yet, but that would be neat.

But not the General Lee.

Did this make him late for his Mensa meeting?

On the plus side, you know your GPS is wonky when it tells you to do something like that.

Oregon Driver of the Week (so far)


An investigation into the crash and reported theft is ongoing. Investigators ask anyone with information to call 503-815-3392.

I called the number and reported I heard crooning then saw this woman in the vicinity around the time of the reported theft.

Wow, what a string of unfortunate incidents - excessive passenger farting, blown out side panels, lose a nose wheel, pickle ball in the airport, man trapped in plane bathroom for entire flight, whew. Have to agree with a previous post referring to John Madden who took a bus everywhere because of the fear of flying. Probably will see a sudden surge in bus ridership.

In probably related news, Oregon is apparently having second thoughts about their drug decriminalization laws. :P

Speaking of large holes...

It takes a long pole to get out of a large hole...

@pullet: you mean like this bus ride?

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