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January 30, 2024


Doctors Reveal Exactly What Happens To Your Brain After You Turn 50

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I can't remember if it is the high doses of Prevagen I take or the jellyfish I eat every morning for breakfast that cause me to not remember why my urine is yellow.

*when exactly was I read and learned about this reason for my urine being yellow? Seems like recently?

So true. Have the Japanese surrendered?

Hercules Poirot always believed in the power of his little grey cells and he proved it.

Turn fifty what?

So I guess that explains the rattle noise I hear whenever I hit a pothole.

Before we put too much stock in this, I think we need to know if the guys who did the study are over 50.

You may have trouble touching your toes and you can't take a flight of stairs in three leaps anymore, but you should be getting better at crossword puzzles.

I'm dyslexic and so I can nly do crossword puzzles on the diagonal.

Hope I die before I get old!

Oops... too late.

How'd that happen???

Well, we have the recipe for Soylent Green, so lets have a feast.

Also, to Mad Libs - you should join this organization called 'MAD' - Mothers Against Dyslexia.

As David Mamet said, “Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance.” So we’ll all (the median age of commenters on The Blog is somewhere North of 60) show those insolent little punks whose in charge as soon as our knees stop hurting enough to get off the couch and we politely ask them to show us how reset the router.

Just wait until I find my 36 inch can grabber, Dr. Pangloss, I'll wring their little necks.

I’m also getting better at naming characters on gunsmoke reruns..

@man tom Urine credible.

@Pullet Surprise That acronym is DAM.

Dam, Steverino, I'm cured. Thanks, man.

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