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January 29, 2024


A new study suggests the Milky Way contains less dark matter than previously thought

(Thanks to The Perts, who ask "Should we worry about this?")


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It's all just dust, so we're gonna need a bigger swiffer.

I think that not only is there less caramel but tha bars are smaller in size too.

Wouldn't you prefer to lick my nougat?

Cuz sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

Well they certainly contain less chocolate than they used to.

Wow. Just wow.

Canadian authorities remind all citizens to remain sheltered in place, total chaos is not over by a longshot as previously reported, yes we are stupid, by CTV News as the future of the mental state Canada hangs in the balance. A further reminder, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is known to create false hopes, falsies, regarding the dark matter reduction at hand, that of which is, yes do run for your lives as an asteroid the size of two dozen busy unfazed beavers is due to impact a chaotic filled Toronto proper.

Stay tuned to more important CTV News stories regarding beavers and falsies and your chances of survival as you stay sheltered in place for the ever growing chaotic situation which is forever growing out of control which is now in the hands of the dark matter reducing anarchy-minded people over at MIT.

Feel free to browse our idiotic webpage online stories over at CTV News. Pity the fool.

Conversely, Uranus contains more dark matter than previously thought.

The Milky Way also contains a lot less gray matter than previously thought.

"Dark matter" (and "dark energy") are just placeholders until scientists figure out they measured the mass of everything wrong to begin with ...

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