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January 28, 2024


"Squirrel Sized” Rats Invading Homes in Central New York and No One Knows Why 

(Thanks to Ron T)


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Squirrel Sized Rats Unmasked...

They must be going nuts.

When asked for a comment on this story, Charlie Brown replied, "Rats."

"Upset residents have been begging the Rome Common Council for help and worry the situation could soon get out of control."

Some years ago when we were in the office, there was a rat infestation. It was not just our plant, but all over the metroplex because anytime you walked in a Home Despot or Lowe$, they had displays at the entrance and every check-out register with traps and poison. It took our company over 9 months to get the infestation under control. We had to just put up with it until one day an admin assistant to some senior VP came to work one morning. She opened her desk drawer to put her purse inside and a large rat popped its head out. She screamed, kicked the drawer shut, cutting the rat in half, and left for the day. Her boss said enough was enough and suddenly there was a serious effort to eradicate the rodents. The rest of us could suffer, but when the admin assistant to a senior VP cuts a rat in half with her desk drawer, well, now it was time to take action. (And, I would say, time to order a new desk and give that gal a raise.) One co-worker correctly predicted that after the rats, we would have an increase in snake and coyote population. Circle of life.

Well, they are all rodents.

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