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January 28, 2024


A chain of Kentucky convenience stores are attracting visitors and going viral online for an unusual feature: a button that turns the bathroom into a disco dance party.

(Thanks to Buck Nekkid)


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Well, I am gobsmacked. I have 1 or 2 reasons to use a public restroom and that's not it.

Let's get the potty started!!!

Adds a whole new meaning to the phrase "doing the potty dance."

Yep, taking a smartphone video of a disco ball in a bathroom. That tells me all I need to know about Kentucky nightlife.

Go for the SlimJims, stay for the disco party.

Ken Tucky

The name is close enough to Hot Shoppes that I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Come to CircleK and party like it's 1999!

Your move, Buccee's!

Buc-ee's is now installing stripper poles and glass walls in their restrooms.

Buc-ee's is also hiring spotted beavers for $20 per hour + benefits.

Florida is working on a button that will turn bathrooms into UFC fights.

What's that Stayin' Alive smell?

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive

What’s the line from that classic disco song? "I love the night life, I love to potty …"

“It’s my potty, I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to”

“Well he walked into the potty like he was walking onto a yacht”

Oh, that’s where ‘potty’ mouth comes from…

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