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January 27, 2024


A member of the Missouri Senate has proposed a rule change that, if passed, would allow senators to challenge each other to a duel.

(Thanks to Ralph and John Lobert, who says "Send this rule to Washington!")


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In Washington, which politician would most likely shoot him or herself in the foot, and which one would indescriminantly shoot at bystanders in the crowd?

And which one would insult other members, then run away to Mexico, Jim?

Hint: it rhymes with Ooze.

The rule change should read: Henceforth all elections will be replaced with duels.

"The trusted representative, known as the second, of the offended senator shall send a written challenge to the offending senator."

That doesn't seem to fit. How about biting your thumb at them, or farting in their general direction?

Try circular firing squads instead.

Same as usual... Nerf guns at 10 paces.

Less often referred to historical quotes:

"Mr. Truman, you are bleeding."

"You should see Nagasaki."

@Jeff: Perhaps I should note the "shooting oneself in the foot" is intended as figurative language. As for politicians who seem to indescriminantly shoot at bystanders in the crowd, I just tend to question the aim of some of our leaders' policies, noting the carnage that often follows.

It didn't work well for Hamilton or Burr.

A dual duel...

Unfortunately, that sleazy coward LBJ, never would have gone for it.

White House Duel

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