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January 14, 2024


Florida Man Busted Creeping Through Backyards With Underwear Around His Neck, Claims It’s Just Exercise

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Where did he have his head???

"Son, you've got a panty on your head."

In his defense, sometimes an atomic wedgie will result in momentary loss of consciousness.

It seems crazy, but sometimes fashion trends ( yoga pants, for example ) pop up in the craziest places.

He was wearing an outfit matching the description of the suspected prowler and also a pair of navy underwear around his neck, police said.

Police later revealed through department dedication and perseverance, they had discovered what appeared to be hastily discarded hard evidence hidden near where the two stolen Bonsai trees had previously been planted.

My guess he was suffering the after-effects of the dreaded rear admiral.

Which body part was getting the most exercise?

Is this how Captain Underpants got his start?

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