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January 25, 2024


Estonian politician's unpleasant haircut goes viral

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Captain Kangaroo?

Ringo Starr?

Spock's cousin?

@Jim -- you beat me to it. I'm getting old.

@B&C - that was my first reaction, too, but Ringo's too cool to get that done. That .. that's such an unnatural look.

@MOTW You’re right. We like Ringo and meant no insult.

Jim pretty much nailed it, even to the mustache.

An homage?

It's heartening to see that politics, somewhere, is dealing with the important issues of the day.

Clearly Captain Kangaroo's high school year book photo.

On the subject of stylish haircuts, one should of course read the classic "The Hair Apparent."


(Which may involve a paywall or a copyright violation.....)

I think it looks kind'a cute.

It looks good on some people.

Where are Larry and Curly?

Remember, Estonians are renowned for their sense of humor.

To Doug in Sacto - thanks for the link to that old newspaper column. Thought I was going to get in trouble for reading an article that somehow gets around the paywall or would wind up being sent a bill for the pay wall breach.

However, at the very end of the article is says in Italic font - "This article protected by intellectual property laws" and I said Whew, 'intellectual property laws'? - 'intellectual property'? - 'intellectual'? muahahahahaha. Not a bit of 'intellectual' in any of that article.

Well, hair today, gone tomorrow.

His barber needs a smaller bowl.

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